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Gratitude, a creative makers attitude

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Lately I have been feeling an almost overwhelming wave of gratitude while making. I’m a dreamer, thinker, maker, but not always necessarily in that order. I can make things intuitively and dream up a whole universe around it. This happens a lot when there’s natural material involved. I can let my hands do the thinking while creating, setting my mind free to wander off, listen to hypnotizing music or an exciting podcast and end up waking up holding a finished item. I can think, sketch, design a product, be very conceptual about it and actually give myself the assignment to go make it. Like being my own worst client.

I have always been making, it is such a second nature to me that at times I have taken it for granted. Being able to make what I want is not that self-evident. I realize that now! My hands grew into my most reliable and precious tools, that’s a gift, not a given. To me, making equals gratitude. Being able to transform an elusive concept into something ‘real’ and tangible is an actual privilege.

Commissioned butterfly pendant, December 2021, silver & pink chalcedony.


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