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care }

Precious matters products are always made with care, combining traditional craft with contemporary technology. Mixing the conventional with experimental, a wide variety of material is used to create new work.

me }

Merel Slootheer is a dreamer, maker, designer, goldsmith, collector, biophile living and working in The Netherlands. I make of all sorts of creations: prints, writings, illustrations, artifacts, jewelry and more... When it’s a product, you’ll find it here in the shop! is my online portfolio and webshop. In the webshop you'll find unique, handmade, wearable and interior design, one of a kind, produced in small series or custom-made, especially for you.

material }

For the love of gold, silver, gemstones, brass, copper, rubber, wood, flowers, glass, ceramics, porcelain, resin, epoxy, paper, cardboard, ink, concrete, wool, leather, linen, cotton, but also disco-dip... 


Considered precious or non-precious, either obviously valuable or secretly amazing, wanting to know all about their qualities, strength 

limitations makes these material equally interesting to me.

durability }

Durability is always taken into consideration when selecting material. Re-using, recycling, upcycling & repairing are first choice when possible. You'll find everything you want to know about the origin of your product in its description.

reclaimed gems }

If there’s one thing that makes me happy it’s finding and collecting vintage, antique and estate jewelry to deconstruct or just clean up and give new purpose. Some of it in perfect shape, some of it in need of  love and care. Yes, some of it is just for me, but not all...

repair }

There's one, often overlooked, step after breaking something, before throwing it out: making an attempt to repair! Not everything is repairable, but wouldn't it be nice if we could at least try with traditional craft, new techniques or creative solutions?

(g)old is new }

Your old gold could become a brand new jewelry piece. Found something in the shop you love, want, need? Consider it being made from material you already own... Most designs can be re-made from your recycled gold, so do contact me about the possibilities.

hallmark }

Dutch law stipulates that precious metal objects must be provided with a quality hallmark. Waarborgholland is charged with implementing this 'waarborgwet'. This law applies to: gold from 1 gram, silver from 8 gram, platina from 0,5 gram.

order - process }

Found the item of your dreams? The order-process is super transparant, you'll be taken through it step by step.

shipping }

Worldwide shipping is the goal. No extra costs for shipping within The Netherlands for orders of €50,00 or more. No extra costs for shipping within a 5km radius of Haarlem, The Netherlands. 

no stock - no cry }

Items are mostly designed, made, described, photographed, priced once. That’s it. Precious matters has not much of a stock, there are several reasons for this.

what you want }

Custom-made items are exactly what you want them to be. We can tweak the design and create the item of your dreams, in your size

uniqueness }

Items are either one of a kind or produced in small series, no mass production, everything is made with care.

responsibility }

Why, how, when do we bring stuff into the world? The precious matters collection grows from a personal desire to make, but always takes into account the demand for a design before producing more than a few. 

When items are made in series, the amount of copies left in stock is always available upon request. 


collection }

The precious matters collection consists of these categories:

made for you } 

Reproducible items that are part of the collection, custom-made especially for you. Order these pieces just the way they are, when it feels like love at first site. When you do like, but not love yet, let me know some of your specific preferences. together we can tweak the design and create the item of your dreams.

only for you }

Items that are one of a kind, you can purchase them right away from the shop. There might be only a few copies left or maybe it's an unicum. Either way, because of the materials or production methods used, these pieces are limited, so: first come, first served…

made in edition }

Items that are produced in limited edition, the number of copies is mentioned in the description under specifics.

made from scratch }

There is always the possibility to create something unique when you have specific ideas for a design. You can alter, combine, mix 

existing items. Feel free to contact me with all your questions about these kind of commissioned pieces. 

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