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(G)old & New

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Gold is one of my favorite materials, to look at, to work with, to wear. It’s probably the only element I actually know something about… But no worries, this is not going to be a lengthy ode to this beloved precious metal. This is just a little peek behind the scenes, some of the steps I take when turning old gold into new jewelry. Because one of the reasons I love gold so much is this property: it’s 100% recyclable. Not just once or twice, but forever (ever, ever, ever).

When an item is created from a material with a story, it adds an extra layer of value. These kind of items are not only valuable in the traditional sense of the word referring to a price set in money. They are truly precious in the broadest sense of the word.

Here's a short picture story about one of my favorite 2021 gold recycle projects. A set of golden rings (heirlooms) transforming into brand new wearable jewelry pieces. And yes, even the diamonds were repurposed.


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