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Something old, something new:

Dutch buttons

This is how my collectors brain works. One is looking for company, two is a pair, three is the start of a collection. And then 'it' just grows and grows and grows. Yes, some of what I collect is just for me, but not all...

I can’t help myself… I’m a collector. If there’s one thing that makes me happy it’s finding and collecting vintage, antique and estate jewelry to deconstruct or just clean up and give new purpose. Some of it in perfect shape, some of it in need of  love and care. 

I’ve been collecting Dutch Button jewelry for a quite a while. When my grandmother gifted me my first Dutch buttons, a pendant and two earstuds, I was fascinated by the intricate silver work. When I found my first neglected Dutch button ring in a thriftshop, I knew I had to rescue that poor thing.

For this series of rings I stripped and cleaned up old Dutch buttons. I combined them with a simple, sleek ring made of new material.  


All rings are made of silver. 

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