order process }

found the item of your dreams ? this how you order it !

step 1 } information

read all about the material and production time of your favorite item on the product page. for some products you'll be asked to pick some specific preferences like size, material, finish or color. you can find some helpful information about these options on the precious matters website.

step 2 } click order
everything clear ? click the order button !

step 3 } check, check, double check
sure you didn't forget anything ? there's space to add some additional information before you send out the final order.

step 4 } click order
everything complete ? click the order button !

step 5 } personal information
your personal information & shipping address are not being stored unless you give precious matters an explicit request to do so. your information is not being used for anything but sending you your items.

step 6 } click order
filled out the needed personal information ? great, click the order button ! you’ll receive an email within 24 hours, when there are questions pending we’ll have contact first.

step 7 } payment
when everything is clear & complete you'll receive an overview of your ordered items, shipping costs & a payment link by e - mail.

worldwide shipping is the goal ! precious matters uses postNL for domestic & international shipping. find out more about shipping  here.

step 8 } making

the moment your payment is received, the order is placed

{ made from scratch } + { made for you }
your custom - made item will be ready for you within 5 to 20 business days, after that it’ll be sent to your address. the exact amount of time needed for making an item is always mentioned in its description.

{ only for you }
your item will be packed and sent to your address within 5 business days.


during the whole process you’ll receive updates !