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precious coral & aquatic matters

A tribute in triplicate

I sincerely love and appreciate nature. I consider it to be my one and only true muse. While working on my first  wearable ocean inspired pieces, I started contemplating. I tried to structure my research, with this triptych as a direct result.


It’s my first finished work in a slowly growing collection of different kinds of creations. All dealing with this one question: 


what would (could or should) a true ode to (precious) coral, salty waters and everything naturally beautiful look like? 

An introduction; 

precious coral & aquatic matters.  


 An ode;

beautiful work by amazing artist.

Carina Shoshtary

Delfina Emanuel

Aisegul Telli

Meredith Woolnough

Evert Nijland


A guide;

conscious coral consuming.

You can download the complete publication PDF here, the sharing of this content is much appreciated, but please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of precious matters.

Each glossy has its own pinterest board with

all the images from the publication and more...

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