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An attempt at making an ode to nature:

Human / nature

The tiniest splinter used to belong to a bigger whole. A shard of a tile was once a part of someones home. An empty shell, abandoned by its inhabitant, used to be a shelter. Our streets, roads, parks and beaches are strewn with these little fragments. Metal washers, plastic caps, pieces of reflectors, glass shards, small bones, beads and buttons… Scraps of history are scattered all over the place. I’ve been collecting them for years.

Each piece carries a unique and often unknown origin story which I try to do justice. Thereby appreciating its secret life from before it became a part of my contemporary ’gemstone’ collection.  I question the concept of preciousness by reordering these materials in new found ways: I play with texture, color, shape, size and my own ingrained notions of the subject.

Human / nature is a sincere attempt at making an ode to nature, crafted by a human trying to accept the nature of her own species. A selection of carefully assembled precious matters made by mixing seemingly worthless, more obviously valuable and secretly amazing materials.


All the 100% recycled plastic components are produced in collaboration with Beach Clean Up foundation & Social Upcycle Studio Juttersgeluk.

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