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you can determine your ring size in different ways :


1 } pick a ring that fits perfectly, measure the inner diameter : this ring for example would be sized 20 mm.

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tips }

} if you want to make sure your new ring is going to be an ultimate fit, you could send me a ring that already fits perfectly as an example. 

} another option could be to visit your local jeweler and ask for help, they too have special tools for measuring fingers and rings. 

} or order a ring size measuring tool to borrow or keep, contact me about the possibilities. 

2 } take a piece of paper, wrap it around the base of your finger, snug, but not to tight, mark the paper where it overlaps, forming a circle, then measure the length in mm from the mark to the edge of the strip (or use a measuring tape in stead of the paper strip).

{ hover image for instruction }

tips }

} make sure your finger is at a 'normal' body temperature when you measure it. fingers tend to expand when hot, shrink when cold. 

} when your knuckle is much bigger than your finger’s base, measure both, your size is the average of these two. 

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