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coral }
precious coral, red coral, or just coral is the common name given to a genus of marine invertebrates : corallium. you can read all about coral in this
precious matters publication.

reclaimed gems }

all coral used for precious matters jewelry is repurposed material !

i collect vintage, antique and estate jewelry to deconstruct or just clean up and give it a new purpose.

hardness }

3 - 4 on the scale of mohs.
maintenance }

to keep your organic items beautiful, take in account that the material is porous & brittle. make sure to : sleep, shower, swim, perform household chores, sport without them, keep them away from lotions & hairspray. 


• clean with household cleaners like soap, bleach or acids

• clean with ultrasonic cleaner

• clean with steam cleaner

• subject to a jewelry dip

• wipe off dust with a cloth

• let it make contact with cosmetics like perfumes, hairspray or bodylotion

• expose to extreme temperature changes

• expose to sunlight for prolonged periods of time

• wear against other gemstones

• wear while playing sports, exercising or during household chores.

DO }

• remove dust with a can of compressed air

• clean by rinsing it with some room temperature water

• dry thoroughly with a soft cloth

• keep in box of its own or wrapped in a soft cloth

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