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handmade, silver, moon ring, with gold, pearls, resin.

agatized dinosaur bone }

gembone is mineralized bone, often dinosaur bone, which has had the individual cells fossilized with precious minerals. the permineralization process involves the replacement of natural bone ( hydroxyapatite ) by various minerals rich in silicon dioxide. these minerals fill up the spaces within and between the cellular structures of the bone. agatized fossilized dinosaur bones are petrified with silica or quartz crystals giving them their colorful, glassy appearance. this process preserves the original cell structure of the once living dinosaur.

maintenance }

to keep your mineral items beautiful make sure to : sleep, shower, swim, perform household chores, sport without them

hardness }

dependant on its composition :

agate + chalcedony: 6,5 - 7,0 on the scale of mohs.

opal : 5 - 6,5 on the scale of mohs.

calcite : 3 on the scale of mohs.

pyrite : 6 - 6,5 on the scale of mohs.

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